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Paolo Toscani

Personal data:

Paolo Toscani: born in Milan (Italy) on 03/03/1972
Address: CH 6951 COLLA - Nucleo n° 27
Marital status: Married
Contacts: Mobile Num. +41 (0)76 577 99 38
Citizenship:    Swiss

  • High school graduation (Maturità scientifica) at R. Oppenheimer institute in Milan. (1992)
  • I attended 4 years the Faculty of Economics and Business at the L.I.U.C.  University. (Castellanza – Varese - Italy), I left before getting my degree in 1996.
  • Rescuer certificate (BLS Ambulance service) in 2002.
  • CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) certificate (Assistente di cura) at “Scuola Medico-Tecnica” in Lugano (2015)

Foreign Language:

Good knowledge of the English language improved with study trips (US, England, Malta), and practiced during business journey.

Working experiences:

I began as studio/cameraman assistant and image archivist in a small production and post/production company in 1996.

That same year I began to deal with digital graphics for television and advertising. (3D animations).

Since 1998, for the next four years, I’ve collaborated with an Italian software house as customer support for 3D graphics applications (Softimage|3D plugins) developed and distributed by the company.

Further to technical support, over the years, my duties have been extended to:
  • software demonstrations (in Italy and abroad- USA, Japan, Denmark).
  • drafting of user manuals and tutorials (HTML).
  • support to software developers from the “user side” (Alpha and Beta testing).

Since 2002 I have returned to television production, working for television broadcasters and advertising agencies to create graphics and special effects for TV shows head titles and commercials.

Occasionally I have realized graphical studies of pre-visualization and buildings environmental impact commissioned from architectural firms, besides websites contents management (AC Bellinzona).

Since 2014 due to family matters, I moved to healthcare field. I graduated as CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) attending afternoon courses at “Scuola Medico-Tecnica” di Lugano.
I’m currently employed in a nursing home in the municipality of Lugano.

Technical skills:
  • MAXON CINEMA 4D - r. 14
  • SOFTIMAGE 3D v.3.9.2 / 4.0 – XSI 3.0
  • HTML elements – (DreamWever – FrontPage)
  • TCP/IP network – management basic knowledge
  • MS OFFICE 2016
  • Operating system MSDOS
  • Operating system WINDOWS 2000 - XP - 7 – 8 - 10
  • Operating system UNIX - Linux (Ubuntu v. 19.10)
  • MySQL - Php Basic knowledge

Manual skills:

Cameraman, LAN network posing.

Outside work interests:
  • Photography, reading, travels, volunteering.
  • From 2001 to 2009 I worked as a volunteer 118 at the non-profit association "Croce Bianca" in Milan
  • In 2004 I visited some health and agricultural cooperation projects in Kenya thanks NGO "Amref" association.