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Resume' English

My job was mainly carried out in the production of graphic contributions to the Broadcasting and visual graphics effects for advertising (TV commercials).

I had the opportunity to collaborate in different working areas, including:


  • Software development: demonstrator at trade shows and events; software teaching; manuals generation.
  • Industry: 3D printing for rapid prototyping and design. (SENSABLE, and the 3D printer Z Corporation).
    Study for demonstration purposes of the "SENASBLE" modeling software, and of the "Z Corporation" 3D printer.
    Participation in events and fairs (annual fair in Parma "Eurostampi').
  • WEBsite management and contents updating (AC Bellinzona website).
  • Setting LAN and WAN networks, intranet management for distributed computing across multiple PC.
  • "Sys-admin" within the Domains / Workgroups for team implemented graphic projects.
  • Architecture: static renderings of architectural projects and related environmental impacts.
  • Certificate of "Care Assistant" at the “Scuola Medico-Tecnica” of Lugano. (2016)

The application flexibility of my technical knowledge on different software makes me expendable in various fields other than graphic production; such as software teaching, domain management, applications installation, hardware and software technical support, backup management.

I had the chance to integrate myself in various work teams, both in Italy and abroad, always maintaining a positive and constructive approach in order to optimize working time and quality, creating and maintaining clear and respectful interpersonal communication.

I can also say that I know how to manage complex projects independently by exploiting my organizational, flexibility and production management skills. 

I have a dynamic, creative personality, I am naturally predisposed to public relations and I have a keen sense of duty, great enthusiasm and an everlasting desire for growth.